Quality Management

QMS ISO is an independent Certification Body, which aims to provide an impartial, realistic and practical approach to its client’s certification requirements. QMS ISO will operate a management system in compliance with the requirements of ISO17021:2011 & IAF, Carryout certification services in a non-discriminatory manner, provide auditing services as per the accreditation scope and within the requirements of ISO 17021:2011 & ISO 19011 which is independent and impartial with high integrity. QMS ISO will undertake continual improvement in the way we conduct our business and the services we offer. QMS ISO shall avoid imposing undue financial or other conditions on clients or potential clients. QMS ISO shall train the staff to understand the philosophy of QMS ISO, and fulfill their talents, whilst operating to agree formalised management systems. Organisation seeking certification services shall have access to QMS ISO services. In addition, access to all certification services shall not be restricted on the grounds that the applicant does not apply for other services or it is member of particular group or association.